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From Screen to Heart: Kriti Sanon Emotional Rollercoaster after National Award Win for Mimi

A Proud Moment: Kriti Sanon’s Tear-Jerking National Award Victory for Her Remarkable Performance in Mimi

Kriti Sanon secured her first National Award as the Best actress for her outstanding performance in mimi. overwhelmed by a cascade, the actress share that she is still in the process of comprehending the tremendour news. During a recent interview, Kriti elaborated on the profound connection she holds with the film Mimi.

Kriti sanon is currently basking in the glow of her well deserved National Award triumph, a recognition bestowed upon her for her remarkable portrayal in laxman utekars Mimi While she endeavors to assimilate the significance of this achievement she divulged how Mimi occupies an irreplaceable space in her heart.

Expressing her feeling, Kriti shared,” I am filled with an overwhelming excitement and a tinger of emotions. the reality og what has just transpired is still sinking in, leaving me almost incredulous i find myself pinching to ascertain the authenticity of the moment. This marks a monumental occasion for me and my entired family.


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